Upcoming events

    • 12/07/2021
    • 01/03/2023
    • 55 sessions
    • Online - Zoom

    Join us every Tueday at 7 pm for VEVA's casual, free, fun and informative online meetups for discussions about all EV topics including videos of the latest developments in EV's.

    If you have questions about EVs, or want to share your EV experience this the place to be.

    Please feel free to invite anyone who is EV curious who could benefit from talking to directly to EV owners.

    Register in advance for this meeting.

    • 12/11/2021
    • 01/21/2023
    • 59 sessions
    • Online - Zoom

    Please join every Saturday at 10 AM for VEVA's casual, free, fun and informative online meetups. Why not get together virtually with interesting EVers and a warm mug of your favorite drink (cookies optional). Stay warm and dry and still have the benefits of meeting old and new friends.

    If you have questions about EVs, or want to share your EV experience this the place to be.

    • 09/25/2022
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • BCIT Burnaby Campus Sep 25th, 2022

    Join fellow EV owners and enthusiasts at VEVA's  Flash Forward EV World Record Pursuit  at BCIT's EVolution '22 on Sunday September 25, 2022 from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Flash Forward is a vision on the future, when all cars are electric and zero emission.  We are inviting all owners of electric vehicles to participate in this World Record Pursuit for the largest number of EVs in one place.  That's a big tent.  Not only electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars and trucks, but all plug-in personal alternatives:  e-bikes, e-scooters, skateboards, off-road vehicles.  We have a free place for you to check-in and park at BCIT's EVolution22 Festival of Learning.  At 2pm that afternoon an overhead drone picture session is scheduled to record this event.  

    Registration and parking are free, and we have some great offers for you such as a complimentary or extended membership offers to VEVA and souvenir T-Shirts of this event.  In order to register and for all participants, including their guests, you must agree to this Release of Liability

    Advanced Registration is required, and is open  to individuals, businesses, and Cities & Municipalities who want to show off their electric vehicles.

    As an Early Bird registration perq, souvenir T-Shirts will be discounted to $20ea + GST until August 25th, 2022.  After that date, you can reserve your T-Shirt up until September 15th for $30ea + GST.  Order T-Shirts for the entire family

    Your registration in Flash Forward will provide you "showcase parking" to attend a free day of discovery at BCIT's EVolution '22, the biggest electric vehicle event of the year, including over 45 "edutainment" attractions with something for everyone in the family.

    VEVA is a partner with BCIT for this event.  Our members will be volunteering as EV Ambassadors available to answer your questions, and we will be showing off our 1912 Detroit Electric car - a BC original!  Informative presentations from EV experts, and many more EV displays will also be featured at EVolution '22.

    Do join us.  There will be lots of food, events, and many happy people helping the transition to sustainable energy.  

    Thank you,

    VEVA, promoting electric vehicles in BC and beyond, since 1988.

    Souvenir T-Shirts and membership promotions can be purchased here!

    • 05/01/2023
    • TBD

    Signup for ElectraFest23! 

    Event Date to be deterimined

    Subscribe to be kept up to date on our 2023 ElectraFest event.

Past events

06/14/2022 Future proofing you strata EV charging infrstucture
04/05/2022 How to get EV charging in your strata
02/22/2022 Cross country dash in a Audi E-tron.
02/15/2022 LUCID, Vancouver
02/09/2022 Towards a Greener Transportation Future
02/01/2022 VEVA Annual General Meeting 7pm. Registration starts 6:30
01/18/2022 BC's Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Condo Infrastructure Charging
12/16/2021 Early Electric Cars In Canada
12/15/2021 Webinar with BC Hydro and VEVA on Time of Use rates
10/05/2021 EVs Roll on Tires
09/21/2021 Township of Langley EV projects and plans
09/07/2021 Tuesday Night Meetup
09/04/2021 In person at Southlands Farmers Market
08/31/2021 (copy) Tuesday Night online meetup
08/29/2021 In person meetup at Pioneer Memorial Park Port Moody
08/24/2021 Tuesday Night online meetup
08/17/2021 Polestar guest speaker for Aug 17 meeting
05/29/2021 Saturday Meetup Online
03/23/2021 Zoom Meetup
03/16/2021 Zoom Meetup
03/09/2021 Jim Hindson's presentation on getting strata's EV ready
01/30/2021 Saturday Meetup ONLINE
01/23/2021 Saturday Meetup ONLINE
01/19/2021 VEVA Annual General Meeting
01/16/2021 Saturday Meetup ONLINE
01/12/2021 Tuesday Meetup: Director Nominees
01/09/2021 Saturday Meetup ONLINE
01/06/2021 EV Infrastructure Rebates Webinar
01/05/2021 Tuesday Meetup: EV Trivia Quiz!
12/22/2020 Tuesday Night Meetup
12/19/2020 Saturday meetup December 12, 2020
12/12/2020 Saturday Meetup December 12-2020
12/08/2020 Tuesday Night Meetup
12/05/2020 Saturday Meetup
12/01/2020 EVS Canada: Power sharing solutions for Condos and Multi-unit Buildings
11/26/2020 Australian EV Association: 2020 EV Vision e-Conference
11/21/2020 Saturday Meetup
11/17/2020 November monthly meeting
11/14/2020 Saturday Meetup
11/07/2020 Saturday Meetup
10/20/2020 Monthly meeting
10/13/2020 Tuesday Night meetup
10/06/2020 Tuesday Night meeup
10/04/2020 NDEW Victoria EV Club Road Trip
10/01/2020 NDEW On-line Lecture: Haakon MacCallum - Where We Came From: VEVA’s 1912 Model 31 Detroit
09/30/2020 NDEW On-line Lecture: Haakon MacCallum -
09/29/2020 Tuesday night meetup
09/27/2020 NDEW On-line Lecture: EV Speed Dating!
09/22/2020 Tuesday Online Meetup September 22, 2020
09/15/2020 September Monthly Meeting
09/08/2020 Tuesday Meetup September 8, 2020
09/01/2020 Tuesday online meetup
08/25/2020 Tuesday Night Meetup
08/18/2020 Tuesday Night Meetup
08/04/2020 Tuesday Night Meetup
07/28/2020 Tuesday Meetup July 28
07/21/2020 July 21 Monthly Meeting
07/18/2020 Saturday online meetup
07/11/2020 Saturday Meetup ONLINE
07/06/2020 Victoria Rally at the Legislature: For Vancouver side participants
07/04/2020 Saturday Meetup
06/27/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE June 27th
06/20/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
06/16/2020 June Monthly Meeting
06/13/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
06/06/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
05/30/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
05/23/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
05/19/2020 Monthly meeting
05/16/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
05/09/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
05/02/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
04/25/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
04/21/2020 April monthly meeting
04/18/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
04/11/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
04/04/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
03/28/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
03/21/2020 Saturday Meetups ONLINE
03/17/2020 Monthly Meeting March 17
02/18/2020 Monthly Meeting
02/08/2020 Saturday Meetup
11/19/2019 Monthly Meeting
10/26/2019 Coffee Meetup Saturdays
08/24/2019 ElectraFest 2019 Exhibitor registration is now closed!
03/02/2019 Come and talk all things EV at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

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