Why you should electrify a Classic Car. Part I

  • 09/07/2021 5:16 AM
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    By John Stonier, VEVA President

    Blasphemy! How could you corrupt the original factory composition of a car and still consider it a “classic”? The sound of combustion and the smell of gasoline are intricately connected to the joy of owning an antique or classic car. The feeling of explosive power. Originality counts.

    Or does it?

    Is electrification physically practical?

    Ten years ago, one-off conversions from combustion engines to electric motors still utilized lead acid or early lithium-ion batteries and a limited selection of motors and power electronics. While viable, the resulting range and power of those early conversions was limited and unimpressive.

    Roll forward to the present where all major OEMs are scrambling to transition to electric. The supply chain has radically changed for the better. Battery chemistry has improved reliability, and energy density is continuing to improve at about 3–5% per year. More component supplier options have become available to the point that a conversion does not have to take a back seat to original car performance.

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