What can EV owners do to help with looming gas shortages?

  • 11/22/2021 8:29 PM
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    The climate crisis has given BC a rough ride over the past few months. Last week's catastrophic rains put certain communities in peril, farms and livestock were lost, and our supply lines to the rest of Canada were cut-off.  

    EV drivers in BC recognize the value of going green, and may be feeling smug about the 30 litre per fill-up rationing that was put into place on Friday.  But in general we are still reliant on fossil fuel infrastructure.  A case in point: Volunteer driver programs rely on a majority of people who still drive combustion vehicles.  In times of gas shortages, this becomes a real hardship.

    We were wondering, how could VEVA members and other EV owners help out during this time of crisis, and beyond?

    VEVA reached out to the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society.  Below is their message to you.  I hope you will consider signing up as a volunteer driver!

    John Stonier
    VEVA President

    The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society n
    eeds your help

    With your electric vehicle and a willingness to volunteer a few hours a week you can be a part of a dedicated team that provides an essential service for cancer patients during their difficult journey.  We are expanding to provide service for Vancouver cancer patients and need volunteer drivers resident in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and the North Shore to ensure these patients get to their essential treatments, safely and on time. 

    As a volunteer driver you will use your electric vehicle to transport patients from their homes to their treatment facility in Vancouver, wait during patient treatment and provide immediate transportation home. You will be eligible to receive monthly vehicle cost reimbursement currently at $0.50 km.

    A cancer diagnosis is devastating. Treatment requires intensive, debilitating  procedures occurring over a period of months.   It can be unimaginatively challenging, both physically and mentally. Access to and from these treatments shouldn’t be an additional burden for patients and their families to deal with during their life-threatening journey.

    This is an opportunity to meet amazing, upbeat people from all walks of life and at the same time help ease the physical, emotional and financial burden for cancer patients and their families during one of the most challenging periods in a person’s life. 

     “It’s the right thing to do and the best thing I’ve ever done”
    -Larry, a VCDS driver since inception in 2016

    Please visit our website at www.volunteercancerdrivers.ca to learn more about the VCDS and complete the volunteer application form or contact me.

    George McAffer
    Executive Vice President

    The  VCDS is singularly focused on providing free, safe, reliable, compassionate transportation and peace of mind for Lower Mainland cancer patients who have no viable means of getting to their essential treatment.

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