Looking for a garage for EV build

  • 12/08/2021 9:16 AM
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    Hello! New to VEVA and the world of EV's and excited about it!

    I decided the best way to get my feet wet (so to speak) in the world of EV conversions would be to buy someone's old conversion (in need of batteries of course) and get it up and running again. I found a vehicle for $3500, which includes everything except batteries and battery-appropriate BMS. I'm all set to take the project on, but I could really use a dedicated space to work on it over the next couple months!

    Does anyone have or know of a garage that I could use?
    (Preferably in Vancouver, preferably as close to Mount Pleasant as possible...but free or cheap trumps proximity of course. I mean aside from the usual Craigslist et al. channels). 

    Project specs:
    It's a 1989 Dodge Dakota conversion initially built by CEV (some of you might be familiar with it?)
    I'll mostly just be assembling batteries and mounting them and the BMS (and the currently uninstalled motor) to get it running. 
    Once it's running, I won't need the garage anymore, unless of course it requires further tinkering (I wonder about the older Kodiak controller...) So probably a couple of months, since I"m available to work on this full-time. 

    Also, any general tips/advice are welcome! Thoughts on batteries and BMS are welcome and I have a million questions I'm sure I'll be posting more often. Anyone is welcome to come check it out once I have it sheltered as well!


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