Loaner EV at dealership's Service Dept.?

  • 02/11/2020 12:26 PM
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    We were delighted to announce that Downtown Dueck (DD) was making available a Chevy Bolt for the use of EV owners while their EV was being serviced.

    That vehicle has just been sold and DD service staff do not have a replacement.

    Does anyone know of another dealership which has an EV as a service dept. loaner?

  • 09/23/2020 7:38 PM
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    Mark Rossetto

    I have been to Dueck Downtown in the past 2 years and they've given me a Volt while my Volt was in for service.

    Morrey Nissan Autobody in Burnaby also provides Leafs as loaner cars.

  • 09/24/2020 9:00 AM
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    John Stonier

    Morrey Nissan, last time I was there, also used a Nissan LEAF as their courtesy car to drive you to your next location. 

    Nice not to have to retrograde while maintaining your zero emissions habit.

  • 09/25/2020 12:32 AM
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    Peter Miller

    With respect, a shuttle is not the same as a loaner. However, if they are using an EV to shuttle ICE owners that is a valuable piece of PR which may well encourage them to become switchers.

  • 09/25/2020 2:22 PM
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    Bruce Stout

    North Shore KIA started using a KIA SOUL EV as a shuttle several years ago and the General Manager stated that it saved the dealership over $500 per month in fuel costs.  That General Manager has since bought a KIA dealership in Niagra Falls, so I am not sure if North Shore KIA is still shuttling in a KIA SOUL EV.  

  • 11/07/2020 1:32 PM
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    I should have provided an up-date.  A week or so ago I needed to have my Bolt serviced at Downtown Dueck (don't ask but it cost me $1,300!) and I'm pleased to report the good news that they now have a 2020 Bolt (demo vehicle?) as a loaner.  Credit, where credit is due!

  • 11/08/2020 9:00 AM
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    Bruce Stout

    Tesla provides TESLA model S or Tesla Model X service loaner vehicles to Tesla Model S or Model S owners if their service appointment lasts longer than an hour.  Not sure what Tesla Model 3 or Model Y owners receive.

  • 11/09/2020 2:56 PM
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    Ullrich Fischer

    The one time I had my Model 3 Tesla in the shop, they arranged for a rental loaner from Enterprise.  It was an ICE car (Toyota, I think).  It took almost an hour for the loaner to show up, so they waived the requirement to bring it back with a full tank.   By the time I got home with the loaner, there was a message waiting saying my Tesla was good to go, so I got a couple of free trips in the Toyota.   :)

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