Just about to buy a Kona - thoughts?

  • 06/08/2020 8:41 PM
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    Lynne T.

    Hi Peter:

    I met you with the EV group a few times pre-COVID-19. We have looked at a Leaf and the Hyundai KONA and Ionic. We are leaning towards getting the Kona and did some homework this evening. We are wondering if there are concerns the EV enthusiasts have expressed about the KONA.

    We had planned to attend the Zoom on Saturday but we’re interrupted.

    Thanks Lynn

  • 06/09/2020 12:30 AM
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    hello lynn

    one of our VEVA members Dave

    Has posted a Hyundai KONA for sale for $49,000 on autotrader.

    Several other people have posted Hyundai KONA EVs for lease take overs due to job losses. 

  • 06/09/2020 12:35 AM
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    2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Ultimate FWD

    my 2019 Kona Electric ULTIMATE with only 18,144 kms and warranty till Feb 3-2024. White with pebble blue interior Hood deflector & rain guards on windows I am listing it for $49,000 and I am in Ladner, BC Latest software update and new map installed My wife has been laid off...

    Mileage 18,144 km

     In Delta, 27 km

    posted by DAVE S on autotrader.ca

  • 08/04/2020 6:19 PM
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    Frank DeMichele

    If you are interested in a KONA EV you should consider a new one due to the available rebates (Federal and Provincial as well as Scrap-it) plus warranty.

    I can be reached at 604-256-3012 for more information.

  • 08/05/2020 12:35 PM
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    To paraphrase a famous line from an old SNL skit:  "If it ain't Tesla, it's crap!".   We looked at allegedly cheaper alternatives before buying a Tesla Model 3 SR+.   The list of advantages of the Tesla over all other vehicles including other EVs is quite long.  The determining factors for us were:

    The SuperCharger network

    The over the air software upgrades

    The safety features (see this video for details)

    The storage space 

    At the time, the only other car EV that was big enough for my wife to sit in comfortably was the eSoul which after we did a test drive, the dealer told us would cost about the same as the Tesla Model 3, which, IMHO, should be worth about $20k more than the eSoul.  The dealer wouldn't budge on the price, so we went with the Tesla.  I have had no regrets about that decision.

  • 08/08/2020 5:11 PM
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    I seriously considered the Kona as well but ended up with the BMW i3.  The Telsa are beautiful cars but I wasn't interested in a sedan.  So the Kona was in the hunt for my money but after a simple test drive of a Tesla S85, Kona, Niro and a Leaf the most fun was the i3.  They all seems ponderous big vehicles and not until I drove the i3 that I had to consider the one missing factor ....fun to drive.  Its nimble, easy to park and surprisingly roomy for my needs.  I would recommend you check out some of the many YouTube videos for your research. 

  • 11/19/2020 1:31 AM
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    Bruce Stout

    I went for 3 test drives with a veva member today

    Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla model S

    There are 2 rebates totalling $8,000 on the TESLA MODEL 3 SR+ which makes its price about the same as its competition like the Hyundai KONA.

    Note Hyundai KONA is cosmetically different for the 2021 model. 

    The new 2021 Tesla model 3 has a heat pump and a remote trunk opening and closing as well as all of the above mentioned features.

    Over the air updates and tesla supercharging network make it the car of the future that you can buy today.  Autopilot is amazing.  make sure that you test drive a TESLA MODEL 3 before you buy anything else.

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