Tesla Q2 2020 Safety Report

  • 08/05/2020 12:25 PM
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    Summary:  With Autopilot on, Teslas are over 9x safer (in terms of miles driven per accident) than the USA average of 1 accident every 479,000 miles.  Even with all optional safety features turned off, Teslas are still 3x as safe.  The video explains why.  Just skip past the bit about the fart technology.   Further on, a couple of very cheap European EVs are featured.

  • 08/22/2020 10:40 AM
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    Admin1 (JS) (Administrator)

    Any question why Tesla went into the insurance business?

  • 08/23/2020 1:19 PM
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    Makes perfect sense for Tesla to capture insurance fees on the cars they make.  Given the safety features, they can undercut all other insurance companies' rates and still make a profit on the insurance.    I hope they get authorized to provide the optional insurance in BC as well soon

  • 08/24/2020 1:13 PM
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    If I'm not mistaken they are comparing autopilot miles (which are mostly freeway) with all miles (which are probably mostly not freeway). I suspect that there are fewer accidents per freeway mile compared with accidents per non-freeway mile irrespective of the vehicle. So the 9x safer statistic may be an exaggeration.

  • 08/25/2020 1:50 AM
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    Ullrich Fischer

    I use autopilot in city driving quite a bit.  It keeps a reasonable distance between me and the car ahead, so I can relax a bit.  I turn it off when approaching a stop light with no car ahead of me and when I turn at an intersection.     You're right though, without Autopilot, Teslas are only 4x safer in terms of miles between accidents on average vs the average of all cars.   They are also 9x more likely to let you walk away alive from an accident which totally demolishes your car than the average of all cars.

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