Climate Change and how EVs help

  • 09/03/2020 7:05 AM
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    This video sponsored by the EV Society of Canada is an excellent, updated review of the implications of the threat of Climate Change, how EVs can help, and what government policies have to be supported.

    In short, an hour long primer on all you need to know!

    Recorded September 1, 2020

    Featured Speakers:

    Dr. Joyce Lee is a Care of the Elderly physician at North York General Hospital and Dr. Jeremy Theal is a staff Gastroenterologist and the Chief Medical Information Officer at North York General Hospital.  Drs. Lee and Theal are parents of a 6 year old girl.  They are concerned about the effects of climate change, and what kind of world their daughter will inherit. 

    In 2018, they trained under Nobel Laureate Al Gore to become Climate Reality Leaders.  Since that time, they have given more than 40 presentations about climate change to community groups, healthcare providers, and business leaders in Canada. 

    Their goal is to share the scientific certainty, the immediacy, and the impacts of the climate crisis, while inspiring people to act on this important issue.  They have been driving electric vehicles since 2013.

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