The Interurban for the Fraser Valley - Zero Emission Hydrail Solution

  • 09/18/2020 3:44 PM
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    See this Youtube video:

    The BC Interurban Rail Corridor in the Fraser Valley has been protected for passenger rights at no cost for the people of BC since 1988. Today, the line is well maintained, but used only for freight. Residents of BC own this 99 KM Passenger Right-of-Way, and we are proposing that we reactivate it, utilizing state-of-the-art Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology, as is operating in Germany since 2018.

    The Alstom Coradia iLint is a new German-engineered CO2-emission-free regional train and alternative to diesel trains in non-electrified rail transport, and has been operating in Europe since 2018. Powered by Canadian hydrogen fuel cell technology, Hydrail's only emission is steam and condensed water, while operating with a low level of noise.

    The South Fraser Community Rail will connect the communities from the Pattullo Bridge in Surrey (Scott Road Skytrain station), through to Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. The passenger train will provide the much needed affordable alternative form of transportation for the people of the South of the Fraser region and beyond. Community Rail help solve our regional transit deficit by creating a Spine and Rib network, feeding the rail line with buses, and connecting adjacent communities to the economic hubs, developable urban land, and tourist destinations in the Fraser Valley. Passenger rail on the Interurban will connect with Surrey Skytrain at Scott Road and provide an extension of lower mainland public transportation that would then run from Vancouver to Chilliwack, protecting our aished and helping meet the targets of CleanBC.

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