Robo ride hailing space has momentum?

  • 12/04/2020 2:32 PM
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    Hi I thought you might find this interesting as there maybe more than Tesla succeeding in the self driving space.  

    This stock ticker came up in my news search, December 3, 2020

    Stock ticker LAZR  Luminar  Lidar, now the second day of trading since Merger SPAC stock up 36% at close.

    There is interest by a few different corporations in self driving autos, and the different models of personal transportation this may support. Tesla being one and other auto manufactures playing catch up. It is unclear to me which model will succeed in Self Driving space, Lidar being used by some of the auto manufactures  or Tesla or both.  The question, will more players in the space help with government approval of self driving? answer is unclear, I am hopeful.

    This recent arrival, 25 year old Austin Russell, and way they created a merger to fund the adoption of the Lidar technology he has patents for may make self driving interesting, if the big auto manufactures are all in on self driving it may help support Tesla's plans for adoption. 

    The one possibility around self driving that catches my attention is the cost reduction for household budgets, as it may result in better utilization of the family automobile or perhaps the second family vehicle.  The resulting prosperity and financial incentive for people to transition to new greener technology may be staggering as it ripples through the economy. Plus what spin-off services in our communities, may develop for things like charging and cleaning the shared vehicles?

    More info in the links below if you are interested.

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